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  1. Augustus Moore Herring (August 3, 1867 – July 17, 1926) was an American aviation pioneer, who sometimes is claimed by Michigan promoters to be the first true aviator of a motorized heavier-than-air aircraft.

  2. 3 de nov. de 2018 · Augustus Moore Herring (1867 – 1926) with his 1894 Lilienthal-type glider, featuring ‘fore-rudders’ for improved pitch control. (wikipedia) Herring wasn’t just one of the USA’s most important aviation pioneers, he was arguably one of the key threads linking everyone else’s work and discoveries.

  3. 30 de dic. de 2022 · Learn about the life and work of Augustus Moore Herring, an aviation pioneer who built and tested many gliders based on Otto Lilienthal's patent. Discover his failures and successes, and how he collaborated with other figures in early aviation.

  4. 7 de ene. de 2011 · After working under another pioneering aviator, Octave Chanute, with whom he had carried out a number of successful gliding experiments, Augustus Moore Herring found independent backing and constructed a biplane hang glider of sorts in 1898, which included a small compressed-air engine.

  5. In 1896 Augustus Moore Herring applied for what was possibly the earliest patent of its type in the country, a United States Patent for a man-supporting, heavier-than-air, motorized, controllable, "flying machine".

  6. 6 de abr. de 2013 · The first was a triplane hang glider clearly based on a similar craft designed the year before by Chicago engineer Octave Chanute and his assistant, Augustus Moore Herring, and flown by Herring in the dunes ringing the southern shore of Lake Michigan in the summer of 1896, and again in 1897.The fact that Whitehead was flying a copy ...

  7. Augustus Moore Herring fue un pionero de la aviación estadounidense, que a veces los promotores de Michigan afirman que es el primer verdadero aviador de un avión motorizado más pesado que el aire.