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  1. 28 de nov. de 2013 · Which is correct: "everyone's life" or "everyone's lives"? I know that when the pronoun everyone is used as a subject, it takes singular verb agreement (as in the sentence "Everyone was there").

  2. Everyone is a singular word with no plural. It means "each person" or "every person". So, just like these two word expressions, words associated with everyone, or everybody, should be singular. "Everyone's life" is therefore the correct answer.

  3. 13 de dic. de 2006 · Everyone means every person. Everyone's life is perfectly correct. If any, everyone's lives sounds like an individual has several lives. Anais

  4. Traducciones en contexto de "everyone's life" en inglés-español de Reverso Context: Now these changes are designed to uplift everyone's life.

  5. Everyone’s is correct because everyone is always singular. Everyone’s is the possessive form of the word which means “everyone” owns something. Everyones is incorrect and should not be used in English.

  6. The usage of life in singular form is meaningful as we all share one lifedenoting shared existence. fraternity, equality etc. Once we make clones, we can say lives (life + clones).

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