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  1. Fuzzy Door Productions, Inc. is an American film and television production company founded by Seth MacFarlane in 1998. [2] The company's productions include animated series Family Guy, American Dad!, the Family Guy spinoff The Cleveland Show, the live-action sitcom The Winner, the science documentary series Cosmos: A Spacetime ...

  2. C. r. e. a. t. e. With every new project launch, Fuzzy Door leaves an imprint on pop culture with a layered style of entertainment that allows viewers to take away what they need, whether that’s a belly laugh or a new perspective on a pressing social issue. This maverick approach strives to shape the social conversation and voice truths in ...

  3. a. whole. At 24, Seth MacFarlane became the youngest showrunner in television history with his animated hit “Family Guy.”. Shortly after, Fuzzy Door was born as an ode to his leopard fake fur-covered door to his college home, the location where the concept for the series flourished. The door logo remains a symbol of Fuzzy Door's ...

  4. Fuzzy Door Productions is an American film and television production company founded by Seth MacFarlane in 1998, with Erica Huggins as president of the studio. The company is best known for working on Family Guy, American Dad! and The Cleveland Show.

  5. Fuzzy Door Productions es una productora de cine y televisión estadounidense fundada por el reconocido comediante, escritor, productor y actor Seth MacFarlane en 1998. La compañía tiene su sede en Los Ángeles, California, y ha producido una gran variedad de contenidos de televisión y cine durante su trayectoria.

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    Fuzzy Door’s ViewScreen on-set AR puts CG characters and locations in the viewfinder. Seth MacFarlane’s Fuzzy Door Tech Division Launches Suite of Tools to Visualize VFX Elements in Real Time ‘Ted’ Series at Peacock Sets Premiere Date, Drops First Teaser.

  7. Fuzzy Door Productions es una compañía cuyos títulos más conocidos son Padre de familia (Serie de TV), Padre Made in USA (Serie de TV), Ted 2, Cosmos: A Space-Time Odyssey (Serie de TV), Mil maneras de morder el polvo, Padre de familia: Algo, algo del Lado Oscuro (TV), Padre de familia: ¡Es una trampa!