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  1. Windows El reconocimiento de voz le permite controlar el equipo solo por voz, sin necesidad de un teclado o un mouse. En este artículo se enumeran los comandos que puede usar con reconocimiento de voz. Para obtener instrucciones sobre cómo configurar el reconocimiento de voz por primera vez, vea Usar el reconocimiento de voz en Windows.

  2. Overview. With Microsoft SharePoint on your PC, Mac, or mobile device, you can: Build intranet sites and create pages, document libraries, and lists. Add web parts to customize your content. Show important visuals, news, and updates with a team or communication site. Discover, follow, and search for sites, files, and people across your company.

  3. Enter a formula that contains a built-in function. Select an empty cell. Type an equal sign = and then type a function. For example, =SUM for getting the total sales. Type an opening parenthesis (. Select the range of cells, and then type a closing parenthesis). Press Enter to get the result.

  4. If you're signed in but not syncing, you'll see the following setting in Settings and more > Settings > Profiles > Passwords: Turn on password sync first, and then turn on Password Generator by selecting the toggle next to Suggest strong passwords. If you don’t see the Password Generator suggestion on your favorite website, let us know.

  5. How to use the Microsoft Authenticator app. Go passwordless in Windows 10. Sign in to your Microsoft account with Windows Hello or a security key. When you can't sign in to your Microsoft account. Passwordless sign-in for work or school accounts.

  6. Supports the use of VBA projects. Excel 4.0 Workbook. .xlw. An Excel 4.0 file format that saves only worksheets, chart sheets, and macro sheets. You can open a workbook in this file format in Excel 2010, but you cannot save an Excel file to this file format. Works 6.0-9.0 spreadsheet. .xlr.

  7. To turn on password monitor. Make sure you’re signed in to Microsoft Edge using your Microsoft account or your work or school account. Go to Settings and more > Settings > Profiles > Passwords. Turn on Show alerts when passwords are found in an online leak. You may need to expand More settings to see the option.

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