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  1. John Wayne nació en 1907 en Winterset, Iowa, y le pusieron el nombre de Marion Robert Morrison, aunque sus padres se lo cambiaron a Marion Mitchell Morrison cuando decidieron llamar a su siguiente hijo Robert.Su familia era presbiteriana.Su padre, Clyde Leonard Morrison, era descendiente de escoceses e irlandeses e hijo de un veterano de la Guerra Civil estadounidense, mientras que su madre ...

  2. John Wayne Airport is ready to reconnect guests with family, friends, and business associates, and welcome everyone back to a cleaner, safer, and more secure environment. Have a look. John Wayne Airport News. Oh My Gourd, Ceramist Randy Au’s “Vegetable Series” Lands at John Wayne Airport .

  3. John Wayne Stock & Supply works closely with craftsmen across the country to bring you hand-selected products that we believe in. SHOP NOW. DUKE SPIRITS. The DUKE, as John Wayne was affectionately known, was passionate about sharing a good drink with his friends.

  4. John Wayne, właśc.Marion Robert Morrison (ur.26 maja 1907 w Winterset, zm. 11 czerwca 1979 w Los Angeles) – amerykański aktor, reżyser i producent filmowy, który zdobył popularność głównie dzięki rolom w westernach, jedna z największych legend Hollywood.Symbol amerykańskiego indywidualizmu i patriotyzmu.Odznaczony Złotym Medalem Kongresu i Prezydenckim Medalem Wolności.

  5. "John Wayne is the United States of America," she told the U.S. Congress. Congress honored him on May 26, 1979, his 72nd birthday. Fifteen days later, as he prepared to slip from the bonds of earth, he was baptized into the Catholic Church.

  6. 27/8/2022 · John Wayne described his father as “The kindest, most patient man I ever knew.” Wayne’s mother Mary was of Irish descent, and Duke said, “She was a tiny, vivacious red-headed bundle of energy.” Their modest four-room home has been restored to reflect its appearance in 1907, ...

  7. American actor, director, and producer John Wayne (1907–1979) began working on films as an extra, prop man and stuntman, mainly for the Fox Film Corporation.He frequently worked in minor roles with director John Ford and when Raoul Walsh suggested him for the lead in The Big Trail (1930), an epic Western shot in an early widescreen process called Fox Grandeur, Ford vouched for him.

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