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  1. Miguel Malvar y Carpio (September 27, 1865 – October 13, 1911) was a Filipino general who served during the Philippine Revolution and, subsequently, during the Philippine–American War. He assumed command of the Philippine revolutionary forces during the latter, following the capture of resistance leader Emilio Aguinaldo by the ...

  2. Miguel Malvar. Miguel Malvar y Carpio (27 de septiembre de 1865 – 13 de octubre de 1911) fue un militar y político filipino que sirvió en el ejército durante la Revolución filipina y posteriormente durante la guerra filipino-estadounidense .

  3. GMA Public Affairs. Known for being among the last to surrender at the end of the Philippine-American War, Miguel Malvar is remembered in this documentary by his descendants and...

  4. 9 de sept. de 2019 · Learn about the life and legacy of Miguel Malvar, the Katipunero leader who took over the Revolutionary government after Aguinaldo's capture and fought against the Americans until his death. Find out how he rose from a wealthy and influential family to a hero of the Filipino people, and why he refused to surrender to the Americans.

  5. A detailed account of the life and achievements of Miguel Malvar, a revolutionary general who fought against the Spanish and American forces in the Philippines. Learn about his family background, business career, political role, military campaigns, and death in this article published by the Philippine Government in 1955.

  6. 10 de feb. de 2003 · Malvar, Miguel (1865-1911). General independentista filipino, nacido en Santo Tomás (provincia de Batangas, Luzón) el 27 de septiembre de 1865 y fallecido en la misma ciudad el 13 de octubre de 1911, que fue el último general filipino en rendirse durante la guerra de independencia contra Estados Unidos.