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  1. 9 de ene. de 2023 · Netflix. In an interview with Elle, Katherine Heigl revealed that Henry Fonda — who co-starred with her in 1998's "The Tempest" — once gave her some unforgettable advice during their time on ...

  2. 25 de ene. de 2023 · Father of Jane and Peter Fonda, Henry Fonda mastered the craft across a long career of masterpieces, such as 12 Angry Men, The Grapes of Wrath, The Wrong Man, My Darling Clementine, and Once...

  3. 8 de ene. de 2023 · Peter Fonda’s Film 'Easy Rider' was Made For Just $400K—but Made $60 Million at the Box Office. People. 3:36. Remembering Peter Fonda in The Hired Hand - (Best Scenes) Film Gorillas. 1:10 'Easy Rider' Star Peter Fonda Has Died. Celebrity Wire. 1:04.

  4. 31 de ene. de 2023 · Convoy 2 High Ballin' Movie (1978) Peter Fonda, Jerry Reed, Helen Shaver

  5. 12 de ene. de 2023 · In 3:10 to Yuma (2007), Doc Potter (Alan Tudyk) warns McElroy that removing the bullet from his stomach will “hurt like a son of a b*tch.”. McElroy (Peter Fonda) responds, "Ain't the first time I've been shot." In real life, Peter Fonda accidentally shot himself in the stomach on his 11th birthday. 69.

  6. 30 de ene. de 2023 · Easy Rider Reboot: Dennis Hopper & Peter Fonda Movie Getting Revived A reboot of the classic 1969 film Easy Rider is in the works. According to Variety, a reboot of [...] No actor names attached to the project yet. Who would you like to see in the movie? Keanu Reeves comes to mind. JimVonBaden Kool Aid! ADV+ Joined Feb 10, 2022

  7. 26 de ene. de 2023 · Peter Fonda, the star of Easy Rider, suggested to Mandrake that he was encouraging his grandchildren to shoot President Barack Obama. “I’m training my grandchildren to use long-range rifles,”...

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