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  1. 6 de ago. de 2008 · A process server and his marijuana dealer get into trouble with hitmen and a corrupt cop after witnessing a murder. IMDb provides cast and crew information, user and critic reviews, trivia, goofs, quotes, and more for this stoner comedy.

  2. Pineapple Express (titulada: Superfumados en España y Piña Express en Hispanoamérica) es una película estadounidense de acción y comedia criminal del año 2008, dirigida por David Gordon Green y protagonizada por Seth Rogen y James Franco.

  3. Pineapple Express is a 2008 American buddy stoner action comedy film directed by David Gordon Green, written by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg and starring Rogen and James Franco. The plot centers on a process server and his marijuana dealer as they are forced to flee from hitmen and a corrupt police officer after witnessing them ...

  4. Dos fumadores se ven involucrados en una guerra de drogas y persecuciones tras ser testigos de un asesinato. Una película de Judd Apatow con Seth Rogen, James Franco y Rosie Perez.

  5. Watch Pineapple Express | Netflix. After witnessing a murder, a perpetually stoned process server and his good-natured dealer go on the run from a drug lord who's out to kill them. Watch trailers & learn more.

  6. A comedy about a stoner and his dealer who run from the cops after smoking a rare strain of marijuana. See critics' ratings, trailer, cast, and where to watch online.

  7. 28 de mar. de 2008 · Release Date: 6 August 2008 (United States) Ride high on the Pineapple Express, the outrageously hysterical blockbuster from Judd Apatow, the director and screenwriter of Knocked Up. A lazy...