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  1. Police Academy (Loca academia de policía en España y México, y Locademia de policía en Sudamérica) es una película de 1984 dirigida por Hugh Wilson y protagonizada por Steve Guttenberg, Kim Cattrall, David Graf y G. W. Bailey.

  2. The division's police academy is the James G. Jackson Police Training Academy. The program involves 31 weeks of training at the academy, followed by 15 weeks of field training. Some recruits at the academy train to join the Columbus police, but the academy also serves other police departments in central Ohio.

  3. Our Columbus Police Training Academy helps to provide the best academic, tactical and experiential based training for new and incumbent enforcement personnel... A truly state-of-the-art facility. - Learn more

  4. COTC’s peace officer basic training academy exceeds the requirements of the Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission and positions students to excel on the state certification exam to become a peace officer in Ohio. Graduates also earn credits toward an associate degree in law enforcement technology.

  5. After success in the Training Academy, you will be sworn in as a peace officer in the State of Ohio. You will then participate in field training. During this time, you will be assigned to various Police Officers, known as Field Training Officers (FTOs).

  6. How to Become an Officer. To become a peace officer in Ohio, applicants must complete a Peace Officer Basic Training Academy that is approved by the Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission (OPOTC). Closed and Open Enrollment Academies. Academy Requirements. Relocation Considerations.

  7. The Columbus Division of Police Training Bureau is committed to providing students with the finest law enforcement training available utilizing the most effective and efficient technologies in a modern, safe, and professional environment to establish superior institutional knowledge.