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  1. Synopsis. Set in 2153 and inspired by Tom Corbett, Space Cadet (1950 - 1955), the series depicted the adventures of fearless Rocket Rangers, who operated from Omega Base, piloting their nuclear-powered space ship Beta throughout the solar system, to battle crime and the weird menace of extraterrestrial life-forms.

  2. Rod Brown of the Rocket Rangers: With Cliff Robertson, Jack Weston, Bruce Hall, John Boruff. On 22nd-Century Earth, the Rocket Rangers are a celestial defense organization, battling interplanetary evil from their headquarters on Omega Base.

  3. Rocket Ranger Rod Brown (Cliff Robertson) patrolled the universe keeping law and order in his spacecraft, the Beta, with Senior Ranger Frank Boyd (Bruce Hall) and Adjutant Wilbur “Wormsey” Wormser (John Boruff) protecting its inhabitants from evil. The series was broadcast live from the CBS studios in New York at 11:30 am on Saturdays.

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  6. The crew of the Beta, on a routine assignment to salvage a wrecked spaceship beneath the Venusian Sea, encounters a desperate criminal, a giant octopus and a treacherous arthropod on the ocean floor. Rate.