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  1. 14 de jul. de 2024 · In the "Star Trek: The Next Generation" episode "Datalore" (January 18, 1988), the Enterprise-D is called to a distant colony where the android Data (Brent Spiner) was found years earlier. When ...

  2. 14 de jul. de 2024 · the madman reviews the 2013 film: Star Trek: Into Darkness#startrek #startrekintodarkness #leonardnimoy Become a Patron!

  3. Hace 5 horas · In the hands of Spiner, Data stole the hearts of audiences everywhere. He appeared in not just 176 episodes of "The Next Generation," but several other shows and films in the "Star Trek" franchise ...

  4. Hace 17 horas · Star Trek: Prodigy writer/producer Jennifer Muro has a Doctor Who-inspired spinoff idea for Wil Wheaton’s Wesley Crusher and the Travelers. While Netflix's been flexible, with series sometimes ...

  5. Hace 17 horas · The Star Trek: TNG films have been considered a hit or a miss with fans. While many love films such as Star Trek: First Contact, films like Nemesis are not as well-received. However, most fans agree that Jonathan Frakes’ directorial sophomore directorial effort Star Trek: Insurrections is among the lower-rated films from the franchise.

  6. Hace 17 horas · Star Trek: First Contact: Sci-fi adventure, starring Patrick Stewart. Star Trek: First Contact airs on Sky Cinema Sci-fi/Horror at 4:20 PM, Sunday 14 July. Sci-fi adventure, starring Patrick Stewart

  7. Hace 17 horas · Sadly, there are no Trek references in the minute-long video. The title places the clip in 1968, midway through the four-year run of the original television show. We know Star Trek as a massive franchise today, but the series was actually a ratings flop when it first aired. Even if Toyota had a license to reference the show, its waning popularity could've done more harm than good for the company.

  1. Anuncios

    relacionados con: Star Trek
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    Encuentra las últimas novedades en DVD y Blu-ray & todas nuestras ofertas

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