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  1. Stars Complements es una marca española de ropa y complementos que ofrece una gran variedad de productos a un precio accesible. Estamos siempre pendientes de las últimas tendencias para poder ofrecer la mejor variedad a nuestras clientes.

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    This article is about the astronomical object. For other uses, see Star (disambiguation) and Stars (disambiguation). Image of the Sun, a G-type main-sequence star, the closest to Earth. A star-forming region in the Large Magellanic Cloud. A star is a luminous spheroid of plasma held together by self-gravity.

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    Astronomers estimate that the universe could contain up to one septillion stars – that’s a one followed by 24 zeros. Our Milky Way alone contains more than 100 billion, including our most well-studied star, the Sun. Stars are giant balls of hot gas – mostly hydrogen, with some helium and small amounts of other elements.

  4. 26 de abr. de 2019 · National Geographic. Countless stars dot the night sky. Learn how these celestial objects form, how they are classified by brightness and temperature, and what happens when they die. Subscribe ...

  5. Stars. Serie de biografías de personajes icónicos del mundo de la música, el cine y la moda dentro y fuera de España cuyas vidas y apariciones públicas son seguidas por millones de personas ...

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