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  1. › wiki › Roy_OrbisonRoy Orbison - Wikipedia

    Hace 1 día · Roy Kelton Orbison (April 23, 1936 – December 6, 1988) was an American singer, songwriter, and guitarist known for his distinctive and powerful voice, complex song structures, and dark, emotional ballads. Orbison's music is mostly in the rock genre and his most successful periods were in the early 1960s and the late 1980s. He was nicknamed "The Caruso of Rock" and "The Big O".

  2. Hace 1 día · Operation Barbarossa (German: Unternehmen Barbarossa; Russian: Операция Барбаросса, romanized: Operatsiya Barbarossa) was the invasion of the Soviet Union by Nazi Germany and many of its Axis allies, starting on Sunday, 22 June 1941, during the Second World War.It was the largest and costliest land offensive in human history, with around 10 million combatants taking part, and ...

  3. › wiki › GasolineGasoline - Wikipedia

    Hace 1 día · Petrol in a glass jar. Gasoline (/ ˈ ɡ æ s ə l iː n /) or petrol (/ ˈ p ɛ t r ə l /) is a petrochemical product characterized as a transparent, yellowish, and flammable liquid normally used as a fuel for spark-ignited internal combustion engines.When formulated as a fuel for engines, gasoline is chemically composed of organic compounds derived from the fractional distillation of ...

  4. Hace 23 horas · Although the prices of vegetables are expensive every year in the summer season, but this time due to the scorching heat, the prices of vegetables have come down a lot. The special thing is that the prices of this season's vegetables are also lower than last year.