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  1. Hace 2 días · Allan Lichtman, an esteemed professor of history at American University in Washington, D.C., has garnered considerable acclaim for his extraordinary ability: correctly predicting the outcomes of nine out of the past ten presidential elections.

  2. Hace 1 día · Joe Biden (born November 20, 1942, Scranton, Pennsylvania, U.S.) 46th president of the United States (2021– ) and 47th vice president of the United States (2009–17) in the Democratic administration of Pres. Barack Obama. He previously represented Delaware in the U.S. Senate (1973–2009).

  3. 1 de jul. de 2024 · Michael Douglas plays Andrew Shepherd, the charismatic and idealistic President of the United States who navigates the complexities of love and politics.

  4. Hace 2 días · CNN coverage of Joseph R. Biden, the 46th president of the United States. Latest Headlines. • Live Updates. The latest on the 2024 campaign. Black voters helped Biden win Georgia in 2020. Some...

  5. Hace 1 día · Franklin Delano Roosevelt [a] (January 30, 1882 – April 12, 1945), commonly known by his initials FDR, was an American politician who served as the 32nd president of the United States from 1933 until his death in 1945.

  6. Hace 5 días · President Biden has cast himself as a protector of democracy and a stabilizing force after the upheaval of the Trump administration.

  7. Hace 1 día · Barack Obama (born August 4, 1961, Honolulu, Hawaii, U.S.) is the 44th president of the United States (2009–17) and the first African American to hold the office. Before winning the presidency, Obama represented Illinois in the U.S. Senate (2005–08).