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  2. plural people. Synonyms of people. 1. plural : human beings making up a group or assembly or linked by a common interest. 2. plural : human beings, personsoften used in compounds instead of persons. salespeople. often used attributively. people skills.

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  4. Synonyms for PEOPLE: world, folks, public, humanity, society, species, humankind, populace; Antonyms of PEOPLE: elite, elect, aristocracy, choice, society, pride, cream, fat

  5. Meaning of people in English. people. noun [ plural ] uk / ˈpiː.p ə l / us / ˈpiː.p ə l /. A1. men, women, and children: Many people never do any exercise. We've invited 30 people to our party. used to refer to everyone, or informally to the group that you are speaking to:

  6. the entire body of persons who constitute a community, tribe, nation, or other group by virtue of a common culture, history, religion, or the like: the people of Australia; the Jewish people. the persons of any particular group, company, or number (sometimes used in combination): the people of a parish; educated people; salespeople.

  7. the large number of ordinary men and women who do not have positions of power in society: She claims to be the voice of the people. The president has lost the support of the people. the people's Princess. someone's people informal. the people someone is related to: Her people come from Scotland originally.