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  1. The Private History of a Campaign that Failed is one of Mark Twain's sketches (1885), a short, highly fictionalized memoir of his two-week stint in the pro-Confederate Missouri State Guard. It takes place in Marion County, Missouri, and is about a group of inexperienced militiamen, the Marion Rangers, who end up killing a stranger in ...

  2. One Tom Lyman, a young fellow of a good deal of spirit but of no military experience, was made captain; I was made second lieutenant. We had no first lieutenant, I do not know why, it was so long ago. There were fifteen of us. By the advice of an innocent connected with the organization we called ourselves the Marion Rangers.

  3. 11 de dic. de 2009 · Mark Twain's The Private History of a Campaign That Failed, a fictionalized version of his own wartime experiences, is different from most Civil War fiction I've read. There's been a lot written about the disillusionment of war, mostly in a tragic vein, as participants discover the hardship and horror firsthand.

  4. 18 de abr. de 2023 · In the summer of 1861, Mark Twain went to war as a soldier for the Confederacy, riding a small yellow mule carrying a valise, a carpetbag, two gray blankets, a homemade quilt, a squirrel rifle, 20 yards of rope, a frying pan and, perhaps most importantly of all, an umbrella. He lasted two weeks.

  5. 30 de nov. de 2020 · Those two weeks are the highly fictionalized subject of his genre-bending (fiction? creative non-fiction?) short piece, “A Private History of a Campaign that Failed,” which is the subject of Benjamin Griffin’s excellent and definitive book, Mark Twain’s Civil War.

  6. 6 de abr. de 1981 · The Private History of a Campaign That Failed: Directed by Peter H. Hunt. With Joseph Adams, Gary McCleery, Roy Cockrum, Harry Crosby. Mark Twain tale of cowardly Confederate soldiers.