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  1. 15 de jun. de 2024 · Top-line growth is an increase in revenue or sales, while bottom-line growth is an increase in net income or profit. Learn how these two measures of financial performance differ and how they are affected by various factors, such as marketing, costs, and acquisitions.

  2. 14 de nov. de 2020 · Top line is the gross revenue or sales of a company, displayed at the top of the income statement. It shows the demand and growth of a company, but does not indicate its profitability or costs.

  3. de primera línea loc adj. de primera calidad loc adj. (informal) de primera loc adj. Note: Hyphens are used when the adjective precedes the noun. These boots are expensive because they're top of the line. Estas botas son caras porque son de primera línea.

  4. Learn what top line and bottom line mean in accounting terms, how to calculate them, and why they matter for financial performance. Find out how to interpret the divergence between top line and bottom line growth and what it implies for a company's strategy.

  5. Top line is the first line in the accounts of a company or organization, which states the amount it receives from sales. Learn more about the meaning, usage and pronunciation of top line with examples from various sources.

  6. 1. to headline or star; be the main focus of a newspaper story or the main star in a film. sustantivo. 2. marketing. the results from a preliminary survey or questionnaire used as the basis for predicting how the population will respond to some questions. 3. veterinary science.

  7. top line noun. línea superior f. less common: primera línea f. ·. raya superior f. ·. renglón superior m. Examples: top-of-the-line model n — modelo superior m. top of the line — superior adj. ·. de primera línea. See also: top adj — superior adj. ·. mejor adj. ·. de arriba. ·. principal adj. ·. máximo adj. ·. último adj. top n — superficie f. ·.