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  1. 4 de dic. de 2023 · Dreams involving trains encompass various symbols and can hold deeper meanings, often reflecting aspects of your waking life, emotions, and subconscious thoughts. Missing train dreams. Dreaming of missing a train might reveal a fear of missing out on opportunities or feeling left behind in your personal or professional life.

  2. 27 de jul. de 2023 · 2. Fear of Failure or Anxiety. Dreams involving train crashes can also stem from feelings of anxiety or a fear of failure. The high-speed nature of trains and the potential for devastating consequences in a crash can symbolize your apprehension about the possible outcomes of certain endeavors in your life.

  3. 3 de ene. de 1990 · Train of Dreams: Directed by John N. Smith. With Jason St. Amour, Marcella Santa Maria, Christopher Neil, Fred Ward. At 16, Tony is an English-speaking high-school drop-out in Montreal. In trouble with the law and at odds with his struggling single parent mother, Tony is sent to Juvie where he realizes that he's neither as tough or as disadvantaged as he thought.

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  5. According to Freud, dreams are a manifestation of our unconscious desires, fears, and emotions. For Freud, missing a train in a dream could represent a fear of death or the fear of missing out on important opportunities. It may symbolize a fear of not being able to fulfill our desires or reach our goals in life.

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  7. 16 de nov. de 2023 · 6. Decision Point. When you dream about train tracks, it often signifies a decision point in your life. Just like a train that must choose between diverging tracks, you too might be facing a crucial decision. This dream about train tracks can be seen as a metaphor for the choices that lay ahead.