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  1. Inglés. Español. dislocate your wrist v expr. (suffer displaced wrist joint) dislocarse la muñeca loc verb. It's quite easy to dislocate your wrist - I did it just by taking the lid off a jam jar. limp wrist. pejorative, offensive (gay person) (pejorativo) maricón nm.

  2. traducir WRIST: muñeca, muñeca [feminine, singular]. Más información en el diccionario inglés-español.

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    In human anatomy, the wrist is variously defined as (1) the carpus or carpal bones, the complex of eight bones forming the proximal skeletal segment of the hand; [1] [2] (2) the wrist joint or radiocarpal joint, the joint between the radius and the carpus [2] and; (3) the anatomical region surrounding the carpus including the distal ...

  4. 28 de oct. de 2022 · Learn about the common causes of wrist pain, such as injuries, arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome. Find out when to see a doctor and how to prevent and treat wrist pain with Mayo Clinic.

  5. Pregunta. Español Traducción de “WRIST” | El Collins Diccionario inglés-español en línea oficial. Más de 100.000 traducciones español de inglés palabras y frases.

  6. 22 de ene. de 2018 · Learn about the bones, ligaments, and muscles of the wrist, and how they enable various movements and functions. Find out about common wrist injuries, conditions, and treatments.

  7. 11 de abr. de 2023 · Learn about the eight carpal bones, the five metacarpal bones, and the 14 phalanx bones of your hand and wrist. Find out how they move, support, and protect your hand and fingers, and what injuries and conditions can affect them.