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  1. Hace 1 día · Flash Thompson appears in The Amazing Spider-Man duology, portrayed by Chris Zylka. Introduced in The Amazing Spider-Man (2012), this version is a basketball player and is friends with Gwen Stacy, who serves as a voice of reason for him, in addition to being Peter Parker's bully.

  2. Hace 2 días · The engagement ring Paris Hilton received from Chris Zylka was a stunning 20-carat diamond ring. The gemstone featured in the ring consisted of white diamonds, renowned for their brilliance and elegance. The diamond was cut in a pear shape, adding to its uniqueness and visual appeal.

  3. Hace 3 días · Later in the night, the model house is invaded by a masked duo (Chris Zylka and scream queen Scout Taylor-Comptom) who hold the models at gunpoint with a dastardly plan in mind. They are going to steal money from the models’ online fans by using their accounts to set up and advertise a fake fundraiser for a fellow model who recently died in a freak accident.

  4. Hace 5 días · New. 576. Secret Diary of a Call Girl (Season 1) +7. Streaming charts last updated: 21:20:41, 08/04/2024. The Leftovers is 572 on the JustWatch Daily Streaming Charts today. The TV show has moved up the charts by 698 places since yesterday. In the United Kingdom, it is currently more popular than Below Deck Down Under but less popular than ...

  5. Hace 4 días · After a car accident befalls a popular influencer, Zoe (Cory Anne Roberts), a young and upcoming social media influencer, is given a spot in the model house. The reception from Nadia (Kyra Santoro) and the other models is welcoming, given the sudden demise of the previous occupant. Zoe is awkward, very awkward, and she’s aware of this.

  6. Hace 3 días · Chris Zylka Ostatecznie w 2021 roku wyszła za mąż za biznesmena Cartera Reuma. W styczniu 2023 roku urodził jej się syn Phoenix. - On jest moim światem i sprawia, ...

  7. Hace 1 día · Obsada: Sherilyn Fenn, Chris Zylka, Elsie Hewitt. Kobieca historia miłosna w nieziemskim stylu. Dwie młode dziewczyny, które zmagają się z wewnętrznymi demonami, ulegają zatruciu tlenkiem węgla na pierwszej randce. Gdy obie zapadają w śpiączkę, ich dusze muszą nauczyć się kochać, by zyskać nową szansę na życie.