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  1. Gerson es un vendedor encontrado en Waterfall, se ubica a la derecha de las casas de Napstablook y Undyne, abajo de su tienda se encuentra la River Person - Persona del Río . Luego de la batalla contra Asriel, si hablas con él se revela que cuando era más joven era el protector de los monstruos, similar a como es Undyne.

  2. 13/2/2019 · So that could explain Gerson's gravestone, why he died in DeltaRune but not UnderTale, (a possible future villian hopefully), how important and powerful knowledge is in these universes and how they can depend fate (hints at W.D Gaster), and possibly even Kris' and the monsters attitudes towards each other. Share to Copied Likes (3) Comments (0)

  3. Gerson wrote an award-winning fiction series, of which "Lord of the Hammer," available at the Library, was the first book. His "History of Humans and Monsters" is in a bookshelf at Toriel's house. He is buried in the Hometown Cemetery to the left of Crystal's grave. His tombstone is blocky and marked with a hammer.

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  5. Anyone talking about Gerson? His 4th wall break in Undertale Genocide, his ideas coming from dreams (Dark Worlds?) in Deltarune and the fact Gerson is an anagram for Goners 1 / 2 Vote 7 7 comments Best Add a Comment doobiefrfr they dont know i would die for them • 48 min. ago yeah, gerson is definitely gonna have a more important role in DR.

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  7. La Runa Delta (Delta Rune en inglés) es un emblema que representa a la familia real Dreemurr. Se muestra como un orbe que a sus lados tiene dos alas. En la parte inferior hay tres triángulos, los dos primeros estando en la parte superior, mientras que el tercer triángulo se encuentra en la parte inferior. Este último parece estar de cabeza y apuntando hacia abajo. Es visto por primera vez ...