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  1. An elderly looking olive green tortoise- monster, Gerson wears archeologist attire, with a pointed beard, a large magnifying glass, and a tan pith helmet. His teeth are crooked and yellow and his shell is a dark brown color with a pale cream rim. He also seems to be unable to open his right eye. Dialogue Neutral and True Pacifist Route Greeting

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    14/3/2021 · Gerson is the one that reveals the Delta Rune in Undertale. Alvin is also the priest of the church in Hometown. I have my own theories on what the Dark World is. Perhaps the delta rune story was originally created by Gerson, and Alvin learned it from Gerson and passed it down to Asriel, then Asriel passed it to Kris?

  3. The Delta Rune is a symbol that appears in both Undertale and Deltarune . In Undertale, Gerson tells the protagonist about a prophecy and how it relates to the Delta Rune symbol. Gerson states that the triangles represent the monsters below, while it is believed that the winged circle represents the Angel from the prophecy. [1]

  4. 7/5/2021 · NatusTheNatus · 5/6/2021 in General Gerson & the Cemetery In the cemetery in Hometown, there are four graves: three of them for monsters turned into Amalgamates in Undertale, but one is for Gerson, the old shopkeeper who, in Undertale, was very much alive. Why would he have died?

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  6. In Deltarune Chapter 2 (2021), Cap’n refers to ladies as “madamoizels”, a misspelling of the word “mademoiselle”. This implies the existence of French people in the world of Deltarune. 3.5K. 229. r/Deltarune. Join.