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  1. 14 de sept. de 2018 · Gerson, the Hammer of Justice. Gerson, when asked about Undyne. Gerson ( /ˈgɜːrsən/) is a vendor found in Waterfall. His shop is located in a small cave east of the houses of Napstablook, Mettaton and Undyne as well as north of the river where the River Person is located.

  2. Excluding the Temmie Shopkeeper, vendors in the game refuse to buy items from the protagonist. The only vendors present in the Genocide Route are the Spider Bake Sales, Gerson, The Temmie Shopkeeper, and Burgerpants .

  3. 30 de nov. de 2015 · Please check out my new channel! Make sure to check out the official soundtrack at:

  4. Undertale Vendors - Gerson. Kung. 8.13K subscribers. Subscribe. 483 views 10 months ago. All Gerson shop Dialogue. ==Timestamps==. All Gerson shop Dialogue. ==Timestamps== Intro - 0:00 True ...

  5. 4 de jul. de 2018 · Torn Notebok (At.2, tienes algo más de tiempo de invencibilidad en los combates): Gerson's Shop. Tough Glove (At.5, puede golpear varias veces a la vez): debes comprar una caja dimensional en Snowdin Shop.