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  1. 26/7/2022 · Gerson sells the Cloudy Glasses in Waterfall for 35G. They aren’t one of a kind, so you can buy as many as you want. They also have a low defense– 6. That said, here’s why the Cloudy Glasses aren’t quite as they seem at first glance: They increase the number of invulnerability frames after you’ve been hit during a fight by 9

  2. 26/7/2022 · The Torn Notebook is found in Waterfall and sold by a shopkeeper named Gerson for 55G. It’s a better weapon than the Toy Knife and the Stick, but not quite as good as some of the other weapons you can find before it. In fact, it only has 2 attack! Still, this is why you take note of the Torn Notebook:

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    24/7/2022 · ALL POSTS. Cetadel · 7/23/2022 in General. FINALLY! You solved it. Now then. It's crazy. Enigmatic. But hey. Sharp as ever.

  4. 8/8/2022 · 🎮 #undertale #fangame. I loved this mod even though it's a bit slow when you have other files as a unadertale fan gamer and I know that's just why I'm complaining xd but it would be nice if it added the other games so that some who play too much (many fan gamers XD) also don't runs well in full screen it would be nice if it lasted much longer

  5. 24/7/2022 · Papyrus Hung Out in Waterfall, when all of a sudden he met undyne, the 2 Became Friends, Undyne hung out with Alphys after her work hours, One Day Papyrus Introduced the gang To Sans! But he didn’t stick around, he had to take up the roll of being a sentary in Snowdin, on the look out for humans.