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  1. These names are found on the gravestones outside the Church in Deltarune! Lemon Bread, or "Shyren's Sister", name is Shyra. Endogeny, which is confirmed to be the leader of the dog pack, is named Muttler. Finally, Snowdrake's Mother is named Crystal. So far that's all we know!

  2. Grandoggo, real name Muttler, is a recurring character created by TheEccentric1851. He's grandfather of Doggo, and the oldest member of the Canine Faction. While being old, he is still a skilled member of the Royal Guard, despite being unable to see things that move. Grandoggo has the same fur...

  3. A dragon resembling Undertale's Sad Dragon, now wearing a pale blue checkered shirt, sits with his family, two children and another adult, in a booth at the diner in Chapter 1. He asks Catti for the special with edible glitter or sprinkles, since his youngest won't eat food unless it looks like treasure.

  4. Monstruos. Estos son los monstruos que puedes encontrar a lo largo de tu partida en Undertale. Pertenecen a diferentes regiones del juego: Las Ruinas, Bosque de Snowdin, Waterfall, Hotland, NÚCLEO y en los finales.

  5. My Rating. First Appearance. Hometown (Graveyard) Appearance In Undertale. True Lab. Muttler, "leader of the pack," is buried in the Hometown Cemetery between Shyra and Crystal. Their tombstone is marked with a bone. 🦴.

  6. Muttler is a dog, which in Undertale is a part of Endogeny. Other graves also have Crystal (Snowdrake's mother) and Shyra (Shyren's sister/Lemon bread)