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  1. traducir pointless: inútil, sin sentido, inútil [masculine-feminine, singular]. Más información en el diccionario inglés-español.

  2. Learn how to translate and pronounce the word \"pointless\" in Spanish, with synonyms, collocations, and examples. Find out the meaning, usage, and origin of the word \"pointless\" in English and Spanish. See forum discussions with other users who have questions or comments about \"pointless\".

  3. Traducción en Espanol. I bring her coffee in the morning. Le llevo café en la mañana. She brings me inner peace. Ella me da paz interna. I take her out to fancy restaurants. La llevo a restaurantes lujosos. She takes the sadness out of me. Ella me saca la tristeza.

  4. 1. general. pointless (también: fruitless, futile, good-for-nothing, incapable, ineffectual, ineffectual, inept, unprofitable, unusable, vain) volume_up. inútil {adj.} more_vert. It is pointless for me to go back to compromises that were never on the table.

  5. adj. 1 (=useless) inútil. it is pointless to complain es inútil quejarse, de nada sirve quejarse. 2 (=motiveless) sin motivo, inmotivado. an apparently pointless crime en aparencia, un crimen inmotivado. 3 (=meaningless) sin sentido. a pointless existence una vida sin sentido, una vida que carece de propósito. Traducción diccionario Collins ...

  6. Significado de pointless en inglés. pointless. adjective. uk / ˈpɔɪnt.ləs / us / ˈpɔɪnt.ləs /. Add to word list Add to word list. C1. Something that is pointless has no purpose, and it is a waste of time doing it: This is a pointless exercise. It seemed pointless to continue.