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  1. It was pointless of/for him to try - English Only forum It’s all utterly senseless and pointless - English Only forum Pointless - worthless - English Only forum

  2. The result of this absurd game is not zero, but rather a minus number, as a consequence of the material, financial and human resources thrown away in a pointless enterprise.

  3. I thought it <is> pointless starting... - English Only forum I thought it pointless ... - English Only forum I <thought it pointless> starting before eight o'clock - English Only forum It seemed pointless trying to catch up - English Only forum It was pointless <doing> <to do>… - English Only forum It was pointless of/for him to try - English ...

  4. It seems a bit pointless simply to tag along to Johannesburg as a kind of icing on the cake. more_vert open_in_new Enlace a fuente

  5. The displays are sometimes overcrowded but avoid gimmicks and pointless gestures at interaction.

  6. That's a pointless exercise if ever there was one. Es un ejercicio inútil, si es que alguna vez fue uno. If you want some advice, ignore pointless rumours and gossip. Si quieres un consejo, ignora los rumores y chismes sin sentido. Maybe to you it sounds pointless, useless, foolish. Tal vez eso te parece algo sin sentido, inútil, absurdo.

  7. The band resisted, citing that they had funded all the sessions themselves and that apologizing seemed pointless. Despite this following, the lack of argument naming gives point-free style a reputation of being unnecessarily obscure, hence the epithet pointless style.