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  1. Butterscotch-Cinnamon Pie (often simply Butterscotch Pie) is a consumable item found in Toriel's Home after taking a nap. It is replaced by Snail Pie in Hard Mode. Using the Butterscotch Pie during the fight against Asgore lowers his AT and DF. Using the Butterscotch Pie during the Lost Soul fight against Toriel and Asgore helps to return their memories more effectively than ACTing. If the ...

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    Sea Tea: Sea Tea : Sea Tea : Heals 10 HP Made from glowing marshwater. Increases SPEED for one battle. 42: Starfait: Starfait : Starfait : Heals 14 HP A sweet treat made of sparkling stars. 43: Legendary Hero: Leg,Hero : L. Hero : Heals 40 HP Sandwich shaped like a sword. Increases ATTACK when eaten. 44: Butty Glasses: ClodGlass: Glasses ...

  3. / Hot Cat Glamburger • Sea Tea • Starfait • Legendary Hero • Bad Memory • Last Dream • Popato Chisps Nice Cream • Junk Food • Steak in the Shape of Mettaton's Face • Hush Puppy Weapons

  4. Mario Tea (dead gamepage, go and follow the new gamepage!!) by Artik_24. 479 followers. Portal: Absolute Zero by MaxGames. 1,001 followers. Friday with GameJolt by clover.clvr ... UNDERTALE: Hollow Determination │ Official Page by Kasssm. 2,441 followers. Store. Search. Get App. Log In;

  5. Piano songs from games including Roblox, Persona 5, Xenoblade, Celeste, Chrono Trigger and Super Mario. Danny, Mice on Venus, Wet Hands and Megalovania.

  6. 2/9/2022 · Sea-shroom is recomended in big wave beach but as a seed packet premium plants like flower pot, Plantern can now finally produces sun and counted as a sun-producing plants but produces 3 suns in lvl 1, produces 10 suns in lvl 3 and finally produces 30 suns in lvl 7 and serves as a seed packet premium plants like sea-shroom and flower pot. and also Gold Magnet is renamed as Magnet-Plant instead ...

  7. SCP - The Endurance has been in the works since 2015. It was one of the first game projects I attempted to get through all by myself. The goal was to bring my two favorite games, SCP and Five Nights at Freddy's, together and to get some practical experience in game development.In 2018 The Endurance has been brought back to life and rebuilt from the ground up.