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  1. The Sound Alerts dashboard will show you all the insights and tips you need to enhance the livestream experience for you and your viewers. Add alerts for Follows, Subs, Resubs, Sub Gifts, Cheers, Raids, and Hype Trains and use additional features like text-to-speech and chatbot notifications.

  2. La extensión Sound Alerts está integrada en la aplicación oficial de Twitch para iOS y Android. Tus espectadores podrán gastar sus Bits y Puntos de canal sin perderse la acción. Aumenta los ingresos de tu transmisión en vivo con Sound Alerts

  3. Login with Twitch. Sound Alerts configuration dashboard for Twitch creators. Your all-in-one tool for streaming interaction.

  4. Streamer Login. Add alerts for Follows, Cheers, Subs, Raids, Hype Trains, and more. Use our library of custom alert designs. Select GIFs and attach them to your alerts. Upload your alert sounds or select sounds from the massive community library. Turn your favorite Twitch or YouTube clips into alerts.

  5. Ingreso de Streamer ¡Mira nuestro tráiler de Sound Alerts! Upload your alert sounds or select sounds from the massive community library Use the Extension as a panel or component on Twitch — available for desktop and mobile viewers Choose from a variety of Extension designs Earn Bits through each alert — available for Twitch Partners and Affiliates

  6. 19 de sept. de 2023 · Alert Types for the best Stream Alerts. Sound Alerts offers various alert types to choose from — the list includes: Follower alerts; Sub alerts; Raid alerts; Bits & Cheer alerts; Channel Points alerts; Text-to-speech (TTS) alerts; Video share alerts ; Sound alerts; and many more

  7. Tags Duration (Social Media alerts are free) Get Streamlabs – go live in minutes! Download Streamlabs Desktop Free Win 309MB Browse the null Sound Library and discover a wide range of free, commercial safe alert sounds, sounds effect, and music for your streams and VODs.