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  1. The Snowdin Shopkeeper is a vendor located in Snowdin. The Snowdin Shopkeeper appears to be a purple bunny, although this may be due to lighting. She wears a tank top, small necklace, and summer hat. The shop itself is a brightly lit, orange store, with shelves of materials and wares. On the...

  2. 11/12/2016 · What is the name of the Snowdin Shopkeeper? BlueberryMuffin 12/11/16 We Undertale fans all know who this is. The Bunny Shopkeeper in Snowdin. A kind, purple bunny with the best quote ever*, this secondary character is one of my favourite characters. But, what is her name? Tell me what you think is her name and I'll write it down here: Thanks a lot

  3. Tokoshoran • 7 yr. ago. For "Science" reasons, her name is "Rabbit Shopkeeper". 5. tom641 • 7 yr. ago. specifically Rabbit_Shopkeeper of course. 5. 1. TorokoQueen • 7 yr. ago. lol I'm not a furry if that's what you're implying.

  4. The Cinnamon Bunny (or Cinnamon Bun) is a consumable item. It can be purchased from the Snowdin Shopkeeper for 25G. Known as an original recipe by the shopkeeper, it is a cinnamon roll in the shape of a bunny. Additional Uses. Giving a Cinnamon Bunny the second to last door in MTT Resort rewards 99G. Items

  5. Concept art of Snowdin Shopkeeper (Courtesy of Undertale Wiki) The shopkeeper is a purple bunny, probably because of the shadow. She has a hat on with a ribbon separating the brim and the head cover. She wears lipstick and has buck teeth like a bunny. She wears a strapped tank top and some pants. The true color of her is not revealed, due to the ...