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  1. 27 de ene. de 2019 · The word nani 何 (なに) in Japanese means "what." And depending on the situation, you might, instead, use nan ( なん). Which term you use depends on the context, in particular, whether you are speaking or writing formally or informally.

  2. 21 de feb. de 2021 · Overall, the word nani means “what” in Japanese. It is also a Hawaiian name that means beauty or glory, as well as a common Hawaiian word. The word nani is most popularly seen as a name or in different anime series. Sources:

  3. Nani is a Greek and Hawaiian name of Hebrew and Hawaiian origin. From Hawaiian roots, its meaning is beautiful - in this context, Nani can be used in the Hawaiian language. In addition, Nani is a Greek and Hawaiian variant transcription of Anna. Nani is also a variant transcription of the name Kanani (Hawaiian). Nani has 16 variant transcriptions.

  4. En japonés “nani” (なに) significa “qué” en una oración interrogativa, aunque también es posible encontrar la forma “nan”(なん) en el lenguaje hablado. Todo depende de si la palabra se encuentra en un contexto formal o informal, así como de la oración en la que se encuentra el término.

  5. Nani is a Japanese word that means (What!) in this context, while the rest of the phrase translates to "you are already dead". 66 daleindaclub • 5 yr. ago Nani 1 profoak0117 • 5 yr. ago It's just a Japanese word that means what. In anime it likes to be said with a lot of emphasis that is sometimes unnecessary.

  6. What the nani - can also be pronounced like this : what da nani, what nani... A mix of "What the fuck" and the japanese word "Nani" from Ken the Survivor (stands for "What ?!"). Use it when you are very suprised and would be tempted to say "What the fuck ?!", but you really like Japan (and slang is sometimes frown upon).